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Areas of Specialization

International Investments

Our international law department provides legal and tax assistance to foreign companies, family-owned firms, private investors or individuals seeking to set up or do any kind of business in Spain

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Private Client Financial Management

We realize that to help clients grow further we also have to understand their family needs. This requires a tailored planning from a tax law perspective to combine family interests and profitability of investments

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Corporate/Commercial Law And M&A

We advise and represent start-ups, family businesses, private companies and national and international entities, in all legal aspects of their business activity

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Tax Compliance

Our firm offers a “Tax Compliance” service to large, small and medium-sized companies.


Real Estate

Our real estate team acts on all aspects of real estate dealings for our local and foreign clients


Start Ups

We support entrepreneurs as partners in their project helping them to identify their needs on critical legal and tax aspects and draw up their business plan to raise investment

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Areas of Expertise

Corporate Law and Taxation

Not only do we work with lawyers from multiple disciplines and in-house economists and accountants, but also with foreign firms, private investors, and other corporate companies.

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Global Mobility

We understand that maintaining the philosophy of a company while managing employees across several jurisdictions requires managing employees’ relocation.

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We act in legal proceedings with an international component, in actions between companies from different countries and in the enforcement of judgements, arbitration awards and any other claims.

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Accountancy Law

FONT & YILDIZ advice clients on complex accountancy issues, covering the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) keeping orderly accounting records suitable for their businesses.



Legal News

Visas Program facilitates entry into Europe

The enacted Spanish law 14/2013 allows nationals of third countries who comply with certain investment requirements (such as maintaining a deposit of EUR 1 million with a Spanish bank or investing EUR 500 thousand in Spanish real estate properties) to freely enter or...

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Press News


COVID-19’s impact on Commercial Contracts: Force Majeure and REBUS SIC STANTIBUS Doctrine

Covid-19 is having an immeasurable impact on people’s daily life, especially since the declaration of State of Alarm published by the Spanish Government. However, this virus has also an impact on the legal field, causing breaches of contracts as well as terminations before the impossibility to perform obligations. In consequence, there has been a significant increase in the interest of concepts such as “force majeure” and the “rebus sic stantibus” doctrine, with the purpose to be exempt of responsibility when breaching the contract or even when terminating it.


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Update of the tax measures – Differences between Local Taxes and State Taxes

During the last week several legislative measures were approved (Royal Decree Law (“RD”) 7/2020, RD Law 8/2020, RD 463/2020 and RD 465/2020) all of which provide measures to deal with the extraordinary situation created by the spread of the COVID-19. Some of these Royal Decrees have been summarized in the previous FONT & YILDIZ’s Informative Note (

The 22nd of March, 2020, the President of Spain has proposed a new Royal Decree, which extends the period of application of the RD 463/2020 (The quarantine might be extended until the 11/4/2020). This decree, must however be approved by the Parliament.

Below, a summary of all Tax measures approved and in force today.

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