Areas of Expertise

Global Mobility

Global Mobility

Companies operating abroad are faced with additional legal obstacles when it comes to employment law in Europe. We understand that maintaining the philosophy of a company while managing employees across several jurisdictions requires managing employees’ relocation.

We realize how important this is, and to resolve it we provide clients with an integrated approach in matters regarding the optimisation of their structure in terms of immigration law as well as in legal aspects, including corporate, tax, employment and real estate law.

Our services include:

  • International mobility for professionals, companies and organizations. Expatriation and immigration. Residency and working permits for employees and their families.
  • Investment structures.
  • Compliance issues for employers, including employment agreements, personnel policies, and expatriate assignments and taxation.
  • Specialist advice for high-net-worth individuals on topics such as residency, non-residency or citizenship status. Expatriate and inpatriate tax planning.
  • Tax planning prior to travelling, designed to optimize the employer’s tax situation in Spain.
  • Tax return preparation and filing with the tax authorities.
  • Labour law consulting service to determine the legal framework and salary payment policies.
  • Drafting letters of assignment.
  • Assistance, representation and defence before authorities and courts.
  • Processing non-resident tax returns.

The visas, residency permits, and work permits we process include:

  • GOLDEN VISA – Investor visa for Spain.
  • All kind of business visas and working permits.
  • Entrepreneurship visa.
  • Residence permits – non lucrative visa.

We handle the process of obtaining the appropriate work and residence permits for each case, and any visas required. Our multi-lingual team of advisers ensures compliance with the different legal requirements.