Areas of Specialization

Private Client Financial Management

Private Client Financial Management

At FONT & YILDIZ, we realize that to help clients grow further we also have to understand their family needs. This requires a tailored planning from a tax law perspective to combine family interests and profitability of investments.

Our services cover companies, private clients and family businesses. We provide tax and commercial advice to optimize results and minimize business risks.

We propose organisational and corporate structures to separate family wealth from business operations.

We plan the generational relay and succession of the family business: shareholders agreements, family protocol services, inheritance and testamentary provisions.

We undertake the restructuring of the company (or corporate groups) to facilitate financing, the entry of new shareholders, or the sale of the business.

We offer tax planning services for foreign residents in Spain. We plan the inheritance. We analyse TRUSTs, Private FOUNDATIONs and other inheritance vehicles and their impact from a Spanish tax perspective.