Areas of Specialization

Start Ups

Start Ups

FONT & YILDIZ provides a specialized service on corporate and tax law offering advice to start-up companies at their seed stage up until their growth stage. We support entrepreneurs as partners in their project helping them to identify their needs on critical legal and tax aspects and draw up their business plan to raise investment. We help the investor valuate the company and act as consultants.

Seed and early stage phase services cover a range of corporate and commercial issues to set up the project. We assist in:

  • Establishing the legal entity with all the legal and tax compliance requirements.
  • The legal analysis of the business model.
  • Drafting the business plan.
  • Drafting the articles of association anticipating the most important facts: block situations and separation of shareholders.
  • Drafting shareholders agreements.
  • Drafting commercial and collaboration agreements (NDAs, confidentiality agreements, MOUs, HOTs or commercial agreements).
  • Drafting stock options or phantom shares plans and golden parachutes.
  • Identifying and creating different classes of shares; assigning different economic and political rights; syndication of shares.

Growth phase services are focused on both start-ups and investors (business angels, venture capital, family businesses):

  • Help raising capital (we collaborate with corporate firms, BAs, VCs and other private investors) and in increasing share capital.
  • Legal advice in funding rounds.
  • HOTs, MOUs, NDAs.
  • Shareholders agreements with investors.
  • Convertible notes – equity loans – accounts in participation.
  • Due diligence legal.
  • Company secretary services for the board of directors.
  • M&A.
  • Creation of investment vehicles.
  • Acquisition and sale of companies.
  • Separation agreements.
  • Option plans.